Autumn Splendor in Jiuzhaigou

On Autumn
Liu Yuxi(772 -842)

Only desolation autumn has been known to arouse;
I would say autumn day is much better than spring morn.
When a crane soars into the blue sky flapping at clouds,
My poetic sentiment follows her to high heaven.

刘禹锡 (772-842年)文殊、王晋熙、邓炎昌 译


The great Tang dynasty poet Liu Yuxi’s poem on autumn would be attested by the magnificent autumn scenes of the one and only Jiuzhaigou, located in Sichuan province, southwestern China. It was only discovered and unveiled to the world in 1975. Today it is a Chinese national park and UNESCO World heritage site.

Each year in October Jiuzhaigou would put on an awe inspiring show for all visitors who are fortunate enough to witness her grandeur.

All the dynamic colors on the palette come out to play on the seasons’ grand finale – magenta, burgundy, amber, auburn, saffron, splattering swiftly on the vast virgin forests like a prolific impressionist painter. The animated forests see their mirrored images perfectly reflected on the iridescent lakes with turquoise and sapphire blue hues.

Autumn, ends on a high note.