Beyond Qinghai Lake

For many people, Qinghai Lake seems to have evolved into a synonym for Qinghai.  As a transit point for Tibet, most people have overlooked the natural beauty within Qinghai, 4th largest province in China in terms of land size.

Of course, if you have never been to Qinghai Lake, you could make plans for a Summer trip, as this is the best time to see its famed ‘Eight Colors’ on full display:

Sky blue, azure blue, snow white, desert gold, grass green, sunset orange, rapeseed yellow, and purple shades of ‘Gesang’ (meaning happiness in Tibetan language) flowers.

Wild life is another great attraction in Qinghai, Kekexili is a wildlife refuge for Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, as well as their natural predators, wolves & brown bears. This area has existed without human interference for 300 million years!

Chaka Salt Lake is China’s version of Salar de Uyuni.  It will naturally crystallize into a white lake, you could see the reflections of the sky, the clouds and the mountains on the other side of the lake.

The majestic Kunlun mountains are also located in Qinghai, this is one of the holiest sites in Buddhism.  Strolling on the prairie, one could see clouds near the Kunlun mountain peaks, beautiful birds chasing each other in the flower fields, what a wonderful Summer retreat!

Angel Lake is another revered natural beauty by the Tibetan people.  The lake shimmers with reflecting lights as light breeze touches its surface.  Real treasures such as agates, coins are often offered here by Tibetan visitors to obtain good luck.

If you are really adventurous, you could drive through desert areas and arrive at the Duck Lake.  Here you will be greeted by landscapes shaped by natural elements, a dream place for geologists!

Astonishing beauty, breathtaking views, free roaming wildlife, Qinghai is a soul cleansing place for all.