Celebrate Nature with Wood Art

Wood art in China is a timeless creative expression dating back to the Warring States (475–221 BC) and Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD). In the masterful hand of a highly skillful wood sculptor, a fantastically realistic or abstract objet de art would emerge from a simple wood piece, nature and being become one, in harmony.

Natural woods’ warm earthy tones and aged grain – straight, interlocked or wavy, hold great appeal for Chinese wood sculptors. The artisans would incorporate the natural characteristics of selected woods in their creative process and breathe new life into them, transforming these natural woods into Zen master art in the mean time.

Wood artworks, with their weathered natural look, subtly graceful, yet profoundly meaningful, have long been treasured by Chinese scholars. They say the cultivated virtues of humans could be found in nature, through the appreciation of artworks best represented by wood sculptures.