Gallery: Historical Lighthouses of Dalian

Xinghai Square Lighthouse

The jurisdiction of Dalian Navigation Area starts from No.1 light buoy in Yalu River Estuary, west to Lao Tieshan Cape, north to Fuzhou Island in Changxing Island, south to the territorial sea line, with a total length of 2026 kilometers, including 1906 kilometers in Dalian.

Within the jurisdiction are ports such as Changxing Island Port, Lüshun New Port, Dalian Port, Zhuanghe Port and Dandong Port.

There are 349 public navigation marks of various types, among them 5 lighthouses are protected historical landmark buildings in Dalian.

Commissioned by the Qing Customs, Lao Tieshan Lighthouse was designed by the French and built by the British in 1893. It was the first lighthouse in China to use a mercury trough mirror to provide 360 degrees coverage. Its light could be seen from as far as 48 kilometers away at sea. The tower’s frame was made with iron, with a height of 14.2 meters and an outer diameter of 6 meters. There is a spiral iron ladder inside the tower to reach the top.

The Lao Tieshan Lighthouse is over 100 years old, it’s recognized as one of the 100 most famous lighthouses in the world.

Sailors – smile when you see the light at night! Bon voyage!