Slide Show: Summer Vacation in Xinjiang

Kanas Lake

Xinjiang, located in Northwestern China, is famous for its beautiful landscapes, extra sweet fruits, wonderful horses and rich cultural heritage.

The idyllic rolling hills and winding rivers of Kanas Lake and Grasslands are so picturesque, it’s known as Switzerland of the East.


Guozigou Scenic Area was China’s gateway to Central Asia and Europe in ancient times.

Nalati Grassland

Nalati Grassland is one of the most famous grasslands in Xinjiang. With snow capped mountains in the background, sheep herds could be seen grazing on the lush green grassland.


The Grape Valley Scenic Spot is located in a gorge below the Flaming Mountains, a cool oasis perfect for growing grapes because of its temperature fluctuations.

Grape Valley

Huiyuan City was built along the Silk Road in ancient times. The grand bell tower offers a panoramic view of the city.

Huiyuan City

The Kizil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes have a longer history than the well known Mogao Grottoes in Gansu.

Kizil Caves

Bagua City in Xinjiang is famous for its dramatic I-Ching diagram layout, originally designed by a Taoist monk on the invitation of Genghis Khan.

Bagua City