Taste of Nature, In a Tranquil Place

Jizong Mushrooms, Yuanyang two color tororo

Fuhehui is the only vegetarian restaurant awarded Asia’s top 50 restaurant and one Michelin star in 2018. The name Fuhehui literally means fortune and wisdom, originating from a well known Zen saying of culivating one’s blessings and wisdom at the same time.

Quietly sitting at the storied Old Yuyuan Street in Shanghai, this modern classic restaurant stands in stark contrast with the hustle and bustle of the outside world. With a barrier of bamboo in front, signature simplicity style interior provides a relaxed and soothing ambience for eaters.

There are well known verses and Zen sayings inscribed on the wall, “宁可食无肉,不可居无竹” (While man may live without wanting to eat meat, he cannot live without bamboo); “若无闲事挂心头,便是人生好时节” (It is a good life if not hanging on trivials), good reads…

Only quality seasonal organic food materials are put on the menu, no immitation meat, only the natural flavors of ingredients shine through each exquisitely prepared dish.

Fuhehui’s menu prominently features a variety of fresh mushrooms from Yunnan – Morel, Jizongjun, ganbajun, matsutake, porcini, truffle etc.

Taste of nature, in a tranquil place.