Traverse The Legendary Sichuan – Tibet Route 

Mount Gongga

Snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, alpine pastures, forested valleys, crystal clear rivers and high-plateau grasslands – welcome to Paradise!

The Saga of Mount Gongga

At 24,790 feet (7,556 metres), Gongga is the highest mountain in Sichuan, southwestern China. The mysterious snow-clad mountain giant is referred to as “The King of Sichuan Mountains” by the locals. Adventurers attempting the ascent often risked their lives.

American expedition team 1932

“Men Against The Clouds”, a classic mountaineering book, written by Richard L. Burdsall and Arthur B. Emmons, with contributions by Terris Moore and Jack Theodore Young,  relived the thrilling moments of a small American expedition team’s ascend to the summit of Mount Gongga in 1932.

Lost Horizon Poster, 1937

“Lost Horizon” and Shangri La

In James Hilton’s famous novel “Lost Horizon” published in 1933, a fictional paradise called “Shangri La” first appeared in front of the world. James Hilton’s vision of Shangri La was likely based on the American botanist and explorer Joseph Rock’s accounts and photographs of the Yading area, which was first published in the July 1931 issue of the National Geographic magazine.

Three Peaks, Yading

The Yading nature reserve is a mountain sanctuary and Tibetan pilgrimage site in southwestern Sichuan, comprising three holy peaks sitting in a triangle formation. The three snow-capped mountains were long considered to be the “adobes of the gods” by the locals, the names of the mountains could be interpreted as “Wisdom”, “Power” and “Compassion” from their Tibetan names.

And the saga continues…