Vast and Vigorous, Hulunbeier in Autumn

Hulunbeier Steppes are situated in northeastern Inner Mongolia, China. Major attractions include expansive grasslands, meandering rivers, lakes, Xing’an range.

In the Ode to the Prairie written in the Northern dynasty around the fifth century, the well known lines expressively described the vastness of the best pasture in China:


The sky seems like a lofty tent,
Spreading over the steppes in all directions.
Sky azure clear,
Steppes vast unending,
Wind blows, grass bends, cows and sheep appear.

(Translated by Adele Austin Richett)

In Autumn Hulunbeier changes its emerald green dress into an opulent resplendent outfit, with brilliant bursts of colors ranging from golden to crimson. The dazzling beauty queen is uniquely Hulunbeier, bold, fierce and powerful, nourishing with grace and compassion.