Worth a special journey to Dalian, if only for its seafood delicacies

Steamed sea urchin w/egg

Dalian Pinhai Restaurant, literally means taste of the Sea, features Dalian’s famous fresh seafood products – abalone from Zhangzi island, sea cucumber from Bangchui island,  just name a few. Its conch jiaozi is a must-have if you travel to Dalian. Pinhai restaurant is a traveller’s favorite choice for its wide range of seafood delicacies which could only be found in this vibrant northern Chinese coastal city.

Dalian sea cucumber

Dalian cuisine belongs to the Lu or Shandong cuisine tradition, as majority of its people came from the Shandong penisula, carriying on with them the amazing Lu cuisine heritage. Lu cuisine is known to be the mother of Chinese cuisine, as it’s the earliest developed Chinese cuisine, its highly refined and sophisticated cooking methodology laid the foundation of other regional Chinese culinary traditions.

Embark on a seafood excursion, all aboard the epicurean journey to Dalian, discover the best kept secret of the Sea!